Reflect, then forge on ahead...

Updated: Jan 19, 2018

January... funny old time of year. Our minds swing back and forth, between 2017 and the year ahead, the weather confuses us utterly plus is pretty rubbish (although the comfort food is at its best) and we find ourselves wishing our days away, willing the evenings to get lighter now the shortest day has been and gone.

So, swinging our minds back, 2017 was a very good year on the whole. A few sad times, lest we forget, but on the whole it was pretty damn good. We were super busy, which is always a bonus for any small business, and St Johns Street has never looked better, bringing more and more lovely locals and welcome visitors to our establishments to retail and refresh. I guess the highlight though was our fabulous Rachel winning the Bury Free Press 'Customer Service Award' back in September. We were all so excited for her and what better acknowledgement for her hard work and dedication to her career. It has to be said, we all scrubbed rather well for the presentation!

Anyway, anyway, looking ahead to 2018 and we have exciting plans afoot! 'Plans!' you say, 'What plans?' Well, the bay tree is to have a little redecoration and remodelling work done in 2018. Can you believe its been 6 years since we had a major spruce up? We know you love the bay tree the way it is, but its time for a change and a sprinkle of fairy dust. We are looking forward to it because we love change, in fact we need change, its just the way we are, so by the time the new Spring/Summer menu is ready to tantalise the tastebuds the bay tree cafe will be bright and shiny again.

Of course, it goes without saying that we will keep you posted :-)

Here's to a happy, healthy, bright and shiny 2018!


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